Emergency Callouts

Emergency Electricians in London

Our Emergency Electrician team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any type of emergency.

Each of our emergency response electricians are fully qualified and experience in various types of electrical fields and environments. With such a wide range of knowledge and skills our team are perfectly resourced to resolve any type of emergency call they’re met with. When required our emergency electricians can be scheduled to provide 24 hour emergency on-site attendance.

Upon arrival

Upon Arrival to your property, domestic or commercial our fully qualified electrician’s will survey and assess the following:

Environment – Is the area safe to work, does it require barriers or fencing off to employees or the public?

Problem – What is the problem?

Identify – What type of electrical fault is present and why has it happened?

Solution – How can we rectify the problem? do we need to repair or replace in order to re-energise the system?

Certify – Following the Emergency Call Out we may need carry out various tests to assure your electrical system is sound and may be put back into service. If this is required either a Minor Works Certificate or Installation Certificate will be issued.


Our schedule of rates is displayed on our Rates page. Occasionally your electrical emergency may require additional materials. If we are able to source materials on the day our engineers will do so. However in some cases we may need to source/order them in. If this is the case we will may be able to provide a ‘temporary’ solution to get your system up and running again, until we are able to re-visit to install/permanently fix/repair the problem.

Do you have an emergency? We offer 24/7 support.